Threemile Wildlife Management Area Environmental Assessment Complete
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 28, 2015

Region 2 FWP recently issued an environmental assessment (EA) for its proposal to thin up to 400 acres of forest on its Threemile Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in Ravalli County.

The project’s purpose is to improve wildlife habitat, and FWP anticipates that important ungulate winter range condition would improve due to increased grass and woody browse understory recruitment following the project.

Region 2 FWP has issued a Decision Notice (DN) for this EA, in which we approve the proposal and accept the Draft EA as final.

The Montana Fish & Wildlife Commission has the final decision-making authority for this proposed timber action, and we will ask the Commission to render its decision on this proposal at its April 15th meeting in  Billings.

The direct link to this DN is:

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