Upper Salmon River Weekly Steelhead Report (3.8.15)
By angelamontana

Posted: March 9, 2015

Steelhead fishing on the upper Salmon River remained good over the past week. Angler effort increased in all location codes, with the largest increases observed in location code 17 near Ellis and downstream of Stanley, ID in location code 19. Boat effort downstream of Challis in location code 18 also increased substantially.  Although the catch rates did decline compared to the previous week, anglers were still doing well. Interviewed anglers in location code 14, downstream of the Middle Fork, averaged 7 hours per Steelhead caught and 79 hours per Steelhead kept. Upstream of the Middle Fork, in location code 15, interviewed anglers averaged 18 hours per Steelhead caught and 55 hours per Steelhead kept. In location code 16, between the North Fork and Lemhi Rivers, interviewed anglers averaged 9 hours per Steelhead caught and 21 hours per Steelhead kept. Upstream of the Lemhi River, in location code 17, interviewed anglers averaged 17 hours per Steelhead caught and 41 hours per Steelhead kept. Interviewed anglers fishing between the Pahsimeroi River and the East Fork, in location code 18, averaged 10 hours per Steelhead caught and 40 hours per Steelhead kept. Anglers fishing the uppermost section of the river, in location code 19, were very successful and averaged 7 hours per Steelhead caught and 14 hours per Steelhead kept.

Water conditions on the upper Salmon River remain very favorable for Steelhead fishing. Visibility is good, but with the warm weather expected this week it may begin to cloud up. Water temperatures have been in the mid to upper 30s and towards the end of the week, water temperatures in the low 40s were recorded below North Fork. Flows continue to remain stable. Currently the Salmon River is flowing at 1,190 cfs through the town of Salmon, which is 110% of average for today’s date. The upcoming week’s weather forecast is predicting slightly warmer temperatures with some nights above freezing near Salmon. Assuming that the forecast holds, there is a chance that river flows may increase and that visibility may decline. For an up to date condition report anglers are advised to call the Idaho Fish and Game Salmon Regional office at (208) 756-2271.

Brent Beller * Fisheries Technician * Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Region 7


(Feature photo via blog.fethastyx.com)