From Rain Fly to RV the Mountain Man Spirit Is on Display Today!
By Toby Trigger

Posted: May 30, 2015

In the 1800’s Montana mountain men carried a rain fly and had to pay attention to things like wind direction and rain.  Those hearty souls trekked miles over mountainous terrain either on foot or horseback exploring the landscape while hunting and trapping for food and sustenance.  In some instances they followed trails or make shift roads but mostly they just took what the landscape offered.


Today’s mountain men carry on that tradition except that horses have been replaced by off road vehicles and that rain fly is now an RV.  Those old trails and muddy roads are gravel roads at worst and paved highways are the norm.


The use of Montana’s public lands is a valued and cherished part of our Outdoor Lifestyle.  Whether you’d prefer to pitch a canvas rain fly like the one mountain man enthusiast Lloyd Priest has set up today at the Montana Public Lands Users and Sportsmen’s Event next to Trader Brothers where he will be casting round balls all day or sleeping on a comfy bed inside a weather proof RV set up by BRETZ imageRV right next to Lloyd the mountain man spirit lives on.


Stop by today and check out the evolution of Montana’s exploration spirit – it’s just one of many things like archery, trap setting, demonstrations and more you can do when you’re here.

It’s fun for the whole family and brings all public lands users together for the continuation of what the crazy old mountain men of yesterday year and today love about the outdoors.

Come check out the MTPLUS Event today May 30, 2015 right next to Trader Brothers South of Lolo on Rte 93!