2015 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament Complete Results
By rowdyrob

Posted: June 7, 2015

The results are in!  Here are the top 3 teams for the 2015 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament.


1st Place Team: Gary Cayko, Bismark, ND.  Brandon Babb, Wolf Point, MT.  40.84 lbs.

2nd Place Team:  Tim and Steve  Linder, Glendive, MT.  24.96 lbs.

3rd Place Team: Jamie and Troy Egge, Glendive, MT.  22.5 lbs.

Congrats Gary and Brandon!!


Big Walleye
Troy Egge of Glendive,  the fish was 31.5 inches.
Big Northern
Tom Waller of Nashua,  the fish was 41 inches
Mixed Couple Winner,    Troy and Jaime Egge of Glendive
Child/Adult Winner,  Jason and Beau Beery of Brockway.


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