Ham Radio ARRL Field Day Scheduled June 27-28
By Toby Trigger

Posted: June 7, 2015

Is Ham Radio still relevant?  The Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club says YES!

In fact radio communication is often the only reliable means of communication available in emergencies  for instance according to the National , Association for Amateur Radio website (http://www.arrl.org/what-is-ham-radio)  the Amateur Radio Service kept New York City agencies in touch with each other after their command center was destroyed during the 9/11 tragedy. Ham radio also came to the rescue during Hurricane Katrina, where all other communications failed, and the devastating flooding in Colorado in 2013.


If you want to find out more the Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club will be hosting an AARL Field Day at Hamilton High School starting at noon and Saturday June 27 and running through noon on Sunday June 28.

Radio Club

This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  The most popular 0n-the-air operating event in Amateur Radio.  Gear up and get in on the action!

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