Big Game Handgun Hunting–Yay or Nay?
By angelamontana

Posted: October 28, 2015

I wasn’t even aware of the controversy that surrounds handgun hunting big game until recently, as I have met many people who love it and many who look forward to trying it.  Apparently, some find it offensive (imagine that–somebody is offended by ANOTHER thing).

Even though Razor Dobbs, who has a show on the Sportsman Channel called Razor Dobbs Alive, did not get this monster buck in Montana, but he did get it with his 10mm pistol.  Would you hunt or have you hunted deer with a handgun here in Montana?  Either way, what are your thoughts on handgun hunting–do you have any at all?

Here is what Dobbs posted with his picture on his Facebook page:

With over 20 years of hunting with my 10mm auto handgun – I got my biggest whitetail by far last Thursday. 204 inches. What a blessing. Thank you Don, Ty and Mitch Montgomery. -Razor Dobbs

Regardless of anybody’s opinion of how he got it, that is one beautiful buck!

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