Deckard Flats Closed To All Hunting
By angelamontana

Posted: November 11, 2015

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks today clarified that the recent hunting closure at Deckard Flats near Gardiner in response to recent heavy snows applies to all hunting, not just elk hunting.

The wildlife agency announced last week that it was closing the area to elk hunting on Nov. 6 but managers said today that the closure is for all hunting.

The closure aims to protect elk migrating from Yellowstone National Park to winter range in Montana.

Deckard Flats is part of an important migratory corridor for this elk population. When elk move en masse through this area they are more vulnerable to harvest due to open terrain and easy road access.

By Fish & Wildlife Commission rule, Deckard Flats is subject to closure of all hunting with 24 hours notice. The closure will remain in effect for the rest of the hunting season, which is scheduled to end Nov. 29. If conditions turn mild and the migration stalls the closure could be lifted, officials said.

Hunters may continue to hunt and harvest deer and elk in hunting district 313 outside of the Deckard Flats closure area.

(Report via Montana FWP)

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