Spring is Here, Be “Bear Aware”
By rowdyrob

Posted: May 2, 2016

Bob Eder is an Alaskan whom survived a brutal bear attack in 2012.  He recently chatted with Outdoor Life about his story, to remind us not to get complacent when recreating in the woods.

Bob was on a hike with his dog on a very familiar trail above his house in Eagle River, Alaska.  He hiked a ways up the trail when he realized he had forgotten his bear spray.   He decided to charge on without it as the likelihood of a bear run in was low.  Minutes later, Bob ran into four furry bear heads.  It was a momma and her three cubs less than 15 feet in front of him.  Bob claimed his dog usually goes nuts upon the scent or spotting an animal, but did not pick up on the four bears.  Bob immediately turned around, but before he could blink the bear was on is back clawing at his head and ripping open his scalp.  He barely remembers the bear flipping him over, then they tumbled down a hill together as she bit his back and shoulders and slashed his chest with one powerful swipe.  She also ripped open his thigh exposing a large chunk of muscle.

Once the attack was over, bob had to tie his shirt around his leg to keep the leg in tact.  He then limped to a private driveway and phone service so he could finally be rescued an hour and a half later.  Bob claimed the attack lasted less than 15 seconds.  The pictures below are courtesy of Outdoor Life and Bob Elder.

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