Why Do We Bring Family Hunting?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 15, 2016

Most of us have been standing there with family, looking at game through binoculars and wondering how we are going to get over there without getting busted.

On Montana’s opening weekend for antelope Kris McLinden found himself in that situation with his son Andrew and brother Dan.  A lone antelope buck several hundred yards away was in a place that’s tough to get to without being seen.

Kris and Andrew both had drawn permits and neither had ever shot an antelope.  A long slow sneak closed the distance but not close enough for young Andrew.

Kris belly crawled several hundred yards in low brush and grass to get within range.  A single shot sent the antelope running right at McLinden and a second shot found its mark.


This was the first male big game animal for Kris and it’s a fine buck.  All the better that he was able to share the experience with family.  After all, isn’t that why we hunt with family in the first place?


Congratulations on a fine example of Montana’s outdoor opportunities!