Fall Trout Fishing Has Been Good!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 23, 2016

As long as the weather remains relatively nice for this time in the fall, you will find lake and river fishing good. You will also probably be one of the only anglers out their catching fish as you will find the lakes and rivers all to yourself, for the most part. That was the case last week for the Captain, Downrigger Dale, Don Beardsley, and Scott Arnold. They fished Monday through Wednesday afternoon and didn’t see many other anglers on the water or in the campground on Holter Reservoir. The trout fishing was excellent!

They trolled around 2 miles per hour pulling viking spoons and rock and roll spoons to catch most of the fish. The lures were running about 8 to 15 feet deep over 60-90 feet of water. They long lined mono line out 125 feet and had their downriggers down 11 to 15 feet deep. You can also see some of the colors they were using on the viking spoons. The rock roll was red with a silver strip in the middle of the lure.

As a side note, we understand that the docks on the lower campground on Holter will remain in the water until November 7th.