Last Day of General Season Opens New Opportunities
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 27, 2016

The last day of deer and elk season always feels like the end of all good things except for the anticipation of next year.  But there’s a silver lining in facing the end of hunting season.

That lining comes by way of shifting priorities from hunting for ungulates to other things that we might over look because we have spent so much time being distracted with antlers.


Things like Mountain Lion hunting that starts on December 1st just like bobcat season.  Both can be taken with hounds or by predator calling and coyotes or fox are often a consolation prize for pursuing felines.


Trapping for furbearers continues through the winter but a big draw for outdoorsmen and women who wouldn’t otherwise trap is wolf trapping season which begins on December 15th.  And lets not forget the inevitable waterfowl migration that can carry us through the middle of January or upland game birds open in much of the state until the end of December.


And if none of those suits your fancy ice fishing on thousands of Montana lakes and reservoirs or winter fly fishing tail waters is incredible.

If sitting on the ice or trekking cross-country checking traps on snowshoes isn’t your cup of tea skiing, tracking, sledding or making snow angels with your kids might satisfy your outdoor cravings.

Ice Fishing

The point is that we hope you had a great time hunting during the general season and now that it is behind you, you can enjoy the billion other things available to us in the outdoors in Montana.

Here’s to a great post hunting season!

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