Black Bear Killing Fawn – [VID]
By Toby Trigger

Posted: April 1, 2017

Spring Bear hunting is controversial and seems to be on the list of things for anti-hunters to eliminate.

One of the reasons for a spring bear hunt is to curb the impact of black bears on deer fawns and elk calves in the springtime.  In recent years the Montana FWP has extended the length of spring bear hunting season to increase black bear harvests.  Local sportsmen’s groups cited a need for increased predator harvest to help floundering deer and elk numbers in hunting units like 250, 240 and others.

This video footage provided by cutoutfoldup  graphically captures the natural reality of bears feeding on an ungulate fawn.  The video shows how bears attack and kill their prey and rings home the reality of black bear – ungulate interaction.

Spring bear hunting season is coming up soon in Montana (article published April , 2017)  – what do you think about spring bear hunting ?