Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports and Outdoors 6.22.17
By angelamontana

Posted: June 22, 2017

Don’t forget to swing in and pick-up your Aquatic Invasive Species permit ($2 for Residents) before you go out fishing!
Canyon Ferry: With the 4th of July just around the corner, the campgrounds and fishing accesses are filled up with campers, recreational boaters and floaters, so early mornings or late nights are your best bet for hooking up on some fish. Fishing for rainbow trout is really picking up, snap jigging some pink and blue jig heads tipped with crawlers is also working well. Trolling a cowbell with a spoon trailer is good way to hook up on a few trout as well. For walleye try trolling a crawling harness tipped with a leech to find their depth (as the water warms the walleye should move to shallower depths) then start jigging for them with leeches. Crank baits are hitting well now that water temps have gone up and walleye are cruising the flats north of the ponds so don’t hesitate to throw a Firetiger or Glass Perch Rapala out there.

Hauser: Campgrounds and fishing accesses are starting to fill up with recreational boaters and floaters, so early mornings are your best bet for hooking up on some fish. If you want to throw some spinners try some gold and red Panther Martins, other colors are rainbows (blue/pink) and perch (green/orange). Snap jigging from shore is also working well right now so try some of those colored jigs tipped with a crawler. For flies try nymphing with worms, PMDs, and weighted Prince or Hare’s ears are the way to go. Dry fly wise mayflies are your best bet.

Holter: Trolling wise crawling harness tipped with worms or crankbaits are a good way to find the Walleye. For patterns stick to those Perch colors the walleye hit those pretty often in Holter, try throwing some brighter options like glass lures or Firetiger. For trout, try trolling some cowbells with a spoon and crawler behind in the main lake along the dunes and near the dam.

Missouri: With June here, water levels are still up between 10-12k. Fishing is great right now…for nymphing bring some worms, PMDs, weighted BH Prince or Hare’s ear, Zonkers and Scuds. With waters still running still a bit high it’s important to fish deep so bring some split- shot and really focus on getting close to bottom, 6’-8’ lengths are good. Dry fly fishing has started to finally get going. Priority dry flies are PMDs, Caddis, and Trico right now.

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