Top 5 Finishers – Final Results Rock Creek Walleye Tournament [Fort Peck]
By Hookemharry

Posted: June 4, 2017

As a follow up to the day 1 leaders post from yesterday, here are the top 3 teams in the 2017 Rock Creek Walleye Tournament which had 119 two teams competing in the two-day tournament on Fort Peck Reservoir JUNE 3-4,2017.

1ST -Kristofer Meier and Dewey Vogl from TOWNSEND,MT   40.26 POUNDS
2ND-Pat McNamee from FROID and Jeff Diercks from PARK CITY,MT 38.57 POUNDS
3RD-Todd and Alfred Dooley from SIDNEY,MT 38.24 POUNDS
4TH-Norm Sillerud and JR Rasmasan from GLASGOW,MT 38.06 POUNDS
5TH Wendi Ross from ROUNDUP,MT and Owen Wilcox from LAUREL,MT 34.95 POUNDS
LARGEST WALLEYE FOR THE TOURNAMENT was caught by Brady Babb from FORT PECK,MT and Josh Rics from FROID,MT . it weighed 14.37 pounds