Attention Hunters…
By angelamontana

Posted: September 19, 2017

If you lose sign of your animal while you’re tracking it…give social media a look.  Mary Stock posted (for her son Wade Barnett who discovered the elk while hunting and had no success locating the shooter of the bull) about a a nice bull elk a hunter shot that had died near the beaver ponds near Kiwanis Park in Hamilton.

Here is what she posted on Facebook with the above pic:

Anyone looking for your elk! It was just found by the beaver ponds by kwianis park,just died. Bad shot!

Apparently the hunter DID recover his elk and the hunter’s coat snagged during the release and deflected the arrow…which was posted by somebody else who knew who shot the bull…which means meat in the freezer!!!  Things can happen in all of life that makes things not go how you originally planned, but this ended up with a happy ending. The bull was said to have been shot on the west side also, so the hunter could have easily been still out searching for the bull and just didn’t make it to this area yet. Either way, social media will always be bad to people who see others post things they don’t agree with… But there are benefits to having such a huge network of local people, too!

So….just keep that in mind  if you lose a critter you’re tracking…social media can possibly even help you find it!

Nice bull–congrats!


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