Kids: 30 Minutes Can Last A Lifetime
By Toby Trigger

Posted: October 22, 2017

Hunting with kids doesn’t need to be an all day, feet dragging experience, in fact it probably shouldn’t be.

Kids just want to go out and have fun then go home and drink hot chocolate.  30 minutes to an hour sitting in a make shift duck blind is all it will take to spark their interest and keep them wanting more.

When taking kids let them help with important things like carrying decoys, setting up chairs and throwing decoys out.  The whole experience should be positive and short.

My son is six years old and recently we hunted waterfowl for about an hour in the morning and about thirty minutes in the afternoon.  Our results totalled 2 Canada geese and a kid’s desire to go again.

Keep things simple and enjoy the time by keeping it short.

Let the youngsters participate with cleaning game and if possible cooking and eating too.  Highlight the fact that they were part of feeding the family.  It builds pride and brings hunting full circle.

Take a new hunter out this season and every season.  Enjoy your time with everyone you hunt with, but cherish every moment with kids.