By Montana Grant

Posted: April 29, 2018

Spin fishing is great fun! A sudden strike when spin fishing often knocks the reel handle out of your hands. Fishing spinners properly is a great way to enjoy our sport. Here are 5 of the BEST SPINNERS to use!

Panther Martin;

These reliable spinners have a silver-plated blade which is concave/convex in shape. Because of the blades shape, a sonic vibration is created. The razor-sharp hooks are well balanced along with the bullet shaped body. They come in a variety of colors and newer versions contain scents such as anise or garlic.


The Mepps spinner has been around forever. before the Mepps was a Hepps spinner. Easy to cast and a reliable fish catcher. Different sizes are available for all fish species. The hooks are large enough to attach plastics or tails. Many of us sold our squirrel tails to this company so they could skirt the treble hooks.

                Blue Fox

This spinner is a bit heavier and makes for easy casting. The body emits sonic vibrations. The stainless-steel shaft and design helps prevent line twist. They sell a wide selection of variations and sizes.

                Rooster Tails

This lighter spinner has a unique tail. The umbrella flair of the tail adds wonderful action. The variety of sizes and colors makes this a great choice.

                Joe Flies

This may be a new choice that has been around a long time. Joe Flies are made in West Virginia and have a short striker stinger hook. The fly also adds a different look to the spinner. Additional weight is needed to spin fish these spinners. Add your weight 18 inches above the lure and fish as slow as possible. They are also easily fished on a fly rod.

Having the right spinner choice is just half of the battle. Knowing how to use them is also critical. Here are some suggestions to make you a better spin fisherman.

Use as light of line as you are comfortable with. Colored lines such as Golden Stren or Solar Trilene allow you to see your casts and strikes more easily. Attach a small barrel swivel to the line and add an 18-inch fluorocarbon tippet to the end.

Learn too tie perfect knots.

Sharpen your hooks often.

Use a reel with a great adjustable drag and a sensitive rod.

Enjoy reeling in your spinner caught fish. Keep only what you need and carefully release what you don’t.

Rip some lips responsibly!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, visit his blog at www.montanagrantfishing.com.