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Bozeman/Butte Fishing Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors 4.27.18
By angelamontana

Posted: April 27, 2018

Bozeman Fishing:

Gallatin: Nymphing remains solid with Rubberlegs and other stonefly nymphs as well as small attractors like Copper Johns and Little Green Machines, Firebead Ray Charles’ have been a good second fly. San Juan Worms, buggers and small sculpins have been working well too, especially when it warms up a little and the water gets a little color to it.

Lower Madison: Depending on the day and the area, the fish are still on the spring bugs program looking for one or two combos including a crawdad, San Juan Worm, Ray Charles or other scud/sowbug imitations, midge pupa or Hare’s Ear. Midges are still the priority and are coming off heavily. Crawfish have been particularly good now that the fish are more active.

Upper Madison: Eggs and flashy San Juan Worms are a good place to start with fly selection. Stonefly nymphs, Midge pupas and Baetis nymphs are also solid choices if they aren’t eating the pink stuff. Midges and Baetis are hatching and it seems pretty important to have a good selection of emergers and adults when the hatches get going. Don’t be surprised if you pick up a fish or two prospecting a large skwalla, dropping a small midge below this will definitely produce fish.

Yellowstone: Purple Haze’s, Parachute Adams and Royal Wulff’s have been working if the fish are willing to rise. Nymphing has been good with a number of flies including a Rubberlegs, Wooly Buggers, small sculpin patterns, San Juan Worms, Midge pupa, Baetis nymphs, or Firebead Rainbow Weight fly’s. The majority of fish are still in the deep holes and soft inside corners or soft banks.

Butte Fishing:

Cooler temperatures & precipitation slowed fishing this week in the surrounding area. Run of & increased water has created a few problems for local fishermen.

The Upper Big Hole has been fairly clear through water levels are up. Streamers fished along the banks have shown greatest success. New age buggers, crystal minnows, & six dungeous are visible attractors & are working well. Midge nymphs fished in the edges & calmer waters are fishing well. Bearded clare’s ear, prince nymphs, ray Charles, & various san juan worm patterns are working for anglers.

The Beaverhead is muddy when water is released in volume form Clark Canyon. Fish biologists have determined that certain algae & bacteria are harmful to the fish eggs. They are releasing large volumes to flush these harmful growths downstream. The will continue to flush the Beaverhead until the reservoir has reached target levels. Bank fishing on Clark Canyon & the Ruby has been good.


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