By Montana Grant

Posted: April 21, 2018

Now that spring turkey season is in full swing, here’s a tip to help you fill your tag. After the morning raucous of gobblers and hens, things usually quiet down. The hens are mated with and march off to lay that day’s eggs. Once the morning ritual is complete, the Gobblers are often still in the mood for love.

Late day gobbles are the best. This means that gobblers are often alone and on the prowl for an unattended hen. It is not uncommon for them to be in a wide-open field.

These lovelorn gobbles can be found using binoculars or using a “Shock Gobble”. To get a response, blow a crow call 3 times very loudly. A loud coyote call is also a choice to get a gobble response. When the gobbler hears these calls, it gobbles as a reaction. This is a shock gobble.

Once you hear a response and locate the gobbler, close within 100 yards and set up. It is not uncommon for these wise old birds to come in silently. These late day birds can also just stay on the march in a steady direction and not respond to your hen calls. Try and cut them off. Put on a stalk that will allow you to ambush them from an edge, ditch, or tree line along their trek.

When hunting later I the day, try to avoid disturbing nesting hens along field edges and ditches. They are breeding your future Gobblers.

Cluck, Cluck, and good luck!

Montana Grant

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