By Montana Grant

Posted: July 1, 2018

Fishing is a wonderful sport for men and women! We all know of wives and girlfriends that bailed on a relationship because their boyfriend or Husband went hunting and fishing too much. Instead they wanted their MAN to stay home and hang curtains, mow the grass, watch Dancing with the Stars, or talk about children and a big house. What options did those guys give their girls?

Come on Girls, what you were really saying is, “why can’t I come too!” Guys listen to your feminine favorite and hook them up! Girls can hunt, camp and fish too. Daughters can do what sons can do.

Now before you tell me to mind my own business, think about this. One of two things will happen. First, they may love going with you and your relationship will grow. Now be prepared for them to catch the biggest fish or hang the biggest antlers. With your expert guiding, what else would you expect? Keep your egos in check and enjoy the adventures.

The second outcome may be that they hate it and don’t want to go again. You can always invite them and their answer will be, “no, you can just go without me”. At least you tried and now you don’t feel guilty.

Taking a girl fishing or hunting is way different than going with the boys. One of the first challenges is a bathroom! There are many solutions way better than a bucket, rock or tree. Do some research or know where the Rest Areas are. Plan to stop at these comfort stations or have a portable toilet with you.

Girls are quick students of the sport. They can figure it out a lot faster than guys. Girls pay attention to detail and allow the gear to do the work. It is more about technique than muscle. Accuracy is easily acquired and girls know how to target a good time. If you take girls camping, try not to rough it too much. Make camping, “Glamping”, fun and luxurious. Good food, snacks, drinks and gear is a must. Guys will enjoy the camp improvements and comforts as well.

Girls see things differently than guys. I swear that most of their senses are better than guys. This is because girls enjoy the day and relax. Guys tend to be too serious and measure success based on gut piles, antlers or full stringers. It is called “hunting and fishing”. Girls make guys better at their sport by teaching us how to relax and have fun.

Hunting and fishing alone is no fun. Girls make for a great day and can become buddies. The best outdoorsmen can prove their expertise by teaching someone else. Many of the big outdoor gear vendors advertise with coed partners. The military allows women in combat. That is scary if you are the enemy. Imagine a PMS woman soldier with a license to kill.

Girls remind us about the simple things guys forget. The beauty of the outdoors is rediscovered. Sharing the latest outdoor catalogs strengthens your relationship. Now you can shop together at the stores guys like too. Buying gifts is way easier. Girls look great in Camo!

What we are really hunting and fishing for is happiness. Why not do it together!

Montana Grant

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