By Montana Grant

Posted: August 18, 2018

Camping and outdoor adventure can be more fun with a little planning. You don’t have to “Rough It!”. This is especially true when you take new campers, friends, and kids. Show them a good time without being too uncomfortable.

Many campers feed on canned beans, hot dogs, and granola bars. That’s fine, but with some simple preparation, you can feast on steak, grilled goodies, and great drinks. Why suffer when you can treat yourself.

Mrs. Montana Grant used to love camping. We certainly Roughed it a few times. Now she likes “Glamping”! This camping kicked up a notch. We went through all of the camper variations over the years and discovered that I spent too much time fixing things. Campers have too many things that need constant maintenance, repair, and attention.

Now we are tent campers. We have gone full cycle. Not just any tent will do. We have a new Wall tent that is 14 x 17 feet. It fits a picnic table, wood stove, cooking area and room for 4 cots or a big inflatable bed. A few lanterns, some great tunes, and a few lounge chairs and camping is way smoother.

There also needs to be a shower and toilet. I set up two other tents for this. A quick set toilet tent houses a real toilet with sanitary bag system. The shower tent has 2 rooms and using a submersible pump, I can prepare a real hot shower. Now that is Smooth Camping.

For meals, we plan great food. Using Dutch ovens, campfires, grills, and some preparation, we feast on decadent foods. Many great meals can be made at home and placed into zip bags. To heat them, we submerge them into hot water. The water can then be used for cleanup.

Campfire desserts can often make for a wonderful finale. Cobblers, cakes, rolls, stews, and pies are easy to make and tasty. Snacks like chicken wings, meat balls, and your favorites can be made fireside with a little pre-planning.

Camp stools are ok but decent loungers are way comfier. Maybe a hammock will add additional napping fun. The trick is to celebrate the outdoors as comfy as possible. This will allow you to camp in the future since it was so much fun the last time.

You can make outdoor rustic camping smooth and memorable.

Montana Grant

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