By Montana Grant

Posted: September 30, 2018

Fishing Bites when the fish aren’t biting. Oh, sure we can make excuses like, “I just love the sounds of nature”, or perhaps “It is better than working.” The truth is we go fishing to catch fish.

Getting skunked is no fun. If you just fish occasionally, then your main ally is luck. If you fish often, you can do some homework and get some advice and fishing reports. More time on the water helps you grow and pattern what is happening.

If someone else is catching fish, and you’re not, ask them what they are using or doing. Sometimes it is not the bait, or lure, but the presentation.

I once was using a spinner called a “Joe’s Spinner”. It was a West Virginia home made special. I was told the size, color, and particulars of how to use this lure. When I went down to the river, I saw an old hillbilly using the same spinner. He was catching huge trout every other cast. I never had a strike.

After a few hours of worthless casting, I went over to the Grizzled Mountain Man, with no teeth, and asked what he was doing different. “Sonny, the big fish are deep. Fish with Big Asses live in the Big and deep grasses!”

To get the spinner down deep, he added a bean size split shot 18 inches up from the lure. It was a tad harder to cast but the added weight made the difference. I also allowed the spinner to sink. My retrieve was slow and added a small twitch every 4-5 cranks. Suddenly I went from getting skunked to catching fish with Big Asses!”

Never say die. Always try something new and different, oh and don’t forget to always have fun!

Montana Grant

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