New Tool Available on MyFWP Portal
By angelamontana

Posted: October 18, 2018

Here’s something new for people to check out.  There is a new reporting tool from MT FWP that allows you to report your harvest on the website–so you can access it where you have cell service if you have a data plant, too.

Here’s some info with mandatory reporting and carcass inspection:

Species/districts with mandatory reporting and mandatory carcass inspection:

Black bear: Only bear management units 510, 520 and 700 require harvest reporting, but all black bear harvests require carcass inspection.

Elk: Only harvest in HD 217 requires mandatory reporting.

Furbearers: All bobcat, all otter, all swift fox, and all fisher harvests require mandatory reporting and carcass inspection.

Lions: All lion harvests require mandatory reporting and carcass inspection.

Sheep: Only harvest in HDs 300, 303, 500, 501, and 502 require harvest reporting but all sheep harvests require carcass inspection.

Wolf: All wolf harvests require harvest reporting, but only wolves that are kept by the hunter require carcass inspection.

In addition, marten and mountain goat do not have mandatory harvest reporting requirements but do require an FWP employee to inspect the carcass.

MT FWP also reminds hunters that “there is a difference between mandatory harvest reporting for certain species and the annual telephone-based harvest survey when FWP calls hunters statewide. This tool is for mandatory harvest reporting only.”

Good luck!

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