By Montana Grant

Posted: November 15, 2018

Ground covered in snow can be a huge advantage when hunting. The colorful world that we normally see becomes Blacker and Whiter. With the proper shooting or polarized glasses, you can see improved detail and movement.

Tracks     Critters leave tracks that are easy to see. With experience you can also estimate how fresh they are, which direction they are going, if it is a bull or cow, rooster or hen, big or small.

Blood trails    Snow enhances the slightest blood trails. Often a high body shot will create a mist of blood to the opposite side of the impact wound. Normally this would be harder to see.

               Cover is less thick   Grasses and small trees bend over from the weight of snow and open the spaces. Now you can see more of the areas.

               Sounds are reduced   You can put the sneak on critters stealthier than when dry twigs and leaves are exposed.

Moving critters is easier      Once you have a big game critter down, place it onto a toboggan style sled and easily slide it over the snow. Sleds with runners or ski style rigs tend to bury into the snow since the weight is not distributed as well. I have slid whole elk on a small kiddie plastic sled, by myself. Of course, downhill is always helpful.

Fresh    Snow will help cool your harvest quickly.

Location    Snow leaves your tracks, so you can also find your way back to camp.

Stay cool and enjoy hot hunting in the snow!

Montana Grant

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