By Montana Grant

Posted: January 24, 2019

While meeting folks at the recent Outdoor Shows, I have been getting them to tie a hook to a knot. Most fishermen tie a Granny or Overhand knot that will secure a hook but weakens the line. Any knot will weaken the knot so it is important to tie a clean knot that will maintain the lines integrity as much as possible.

The CLINCH KNOT is perfect for the task. Through the hook eye, 7-8 wraps and back through the hole above the eye. Lick the knot to minimize heat from friction and all is well. The Improved Clinch knot adds one more overlap. The newer lines can tend to saw themselves when using an Improved Clinch.

You Tube is the perfect place to watch how to tie these knots. Fly Fishermen need to practice the Blood Knot. This knot efficiently connects tippet to tippet. Most Fly Guys tie a Surgeons Knot which is way less clean or as strong. Practice tying knots using heavy cord or thick fishing line. It will be easier to see and feel. I the field, a little spit helps you to handle the line.

Using clippers to snip the line leaves a clean, round end that is easier to thread through the hook eye. When cutting line with your teeth, you flatten the lines end making it like putting a square peg in a round hole.

The knot you may want to add to your program is the Duncan Loop. The beauty of this knot is that it will allow your fly, hook, or lure space to move. Additional action is always a good thing when fishing artificials.

Tie one on!

Montana Grant

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