By Montana Grant

Posted: May 18, 2019


“You need to feel like you are going to catch a fish on every cast!” This is what my Dad taught me. “If you don’t think you are going to catch a fish, you won’t!”

When traveling to a new watershed or on your first fish outing of the year, begin with a lure, bait, or fly that has served you well. This “Confidence Lure” will often start things off with a bang. Generally, these confidence rigs are generic and could mimic a variety of things. They are also often more year around enticements and not something too specific.

My go to spinner is a size 2 Panther Martin I yellow with red spots. This traditional spinner has a sonic feature, casts easily and has been successful for everyone that I have shared it with. I tie on some yellow impala hair to spice it up a bit.

I discovered this “Confidence spinner” as a kid when fishing along the lower Slough Creek in Yellowstone Park. Mosquitos were thick and fishing was slow. I was wearing bugspray, long sleeves, head net, and every “Squito” protection I could find. Around the bend I could hear a reel drag singing over and over. When I went to investigate, a woman wearing just a bikini was catching every trout in the river. Not a Squito bugged her!

“Mam, what are you using for a spinner and how come the Squitos are not eating you alive”? The pretty lady said “Squitos just don’t like me I guess, and I am using a Panther Martin!” She gave me a spinner and we stood at the pool for an hour catching HUGE Rainbows and cutties.

If a pretty lady in a bikini gives you a special spinner, you better believe it is a Confidence Lure! 

Expecting a bite is what fishing is all about. We will never get enough bites. The next bite is as good as the first. This anticipation is what makes us go fishing. Each cast has the potential for success. If you quit or fail to cast, then you get “Skunked”!

You still need to do your homework and experience builds confidence. Even getting Skunked is better than staying home being bored.

Be Confident and catch a big one!

Montana Grant

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