By Montana Grant

Posted: May 5, 2019

 Everyone has a grill but not everyone is a Grill Master. Hunting and fishing camp are better when a Grill Master is on hand.

Great Grillers kill it when they warm up their coals. Grilling can mean fewer dishes, more flavor, and fat and happy campers. Here are a couple different Grill meals to Master.


The corn husks will keep your fish moist while adding a nice smoky corn flavor. You can also use the corn husk to eat from. Walleye and thicker fish like Halibut work well with this recipe.

Ingredients include; 4 fish filets, 4 ears of fresh corn with husks, Salt and pepper or Old Bay seasoning, ½ cup of thinly sliced green onions, ¼ cup of chopped red peppers, 4 teaspoons of drained capers, 4 tablespoons of butter, 4 sprigs of fresh thyme and some fresh lime wedges.

Pat dry your fish filets. Peel back the corn husks and remove the silks. Break off the cob at the base and leave the husks attached. Cut the kernels off 2 of the cobs and set aside. You will cut the other two cobs in half and grill with the meal. Simply grill indirectly while cooking your fish. You want a little char on the corn. Butter, sprinkle with Old Bay seasoning and serve.

Fold back half of the husks, add a filet and season. Top with 1/4th of the cut corn kernels, green onions, sweet peppers, capers, and butter. Top with a sprig of Thyme. Fold the husks back over and tie the package together using 100% cotton cord or string.

If using Charcoal; you need a medium heat. It is best to place the briquets around the edge and the husks in the middle. Cover the grill and roast for 20 minutes. Indirect cooking is best. If using propane, a medium heat is best. Avoid flareups.

If using a Smoker Grill, like a Traeger; Smoke the corn husks for 20 minutes then turn the heat. Low and slow is always best. Another 20 minutes should do it. Test for doneness by seeing if the fish flakes.

Some folks like their fish blackened and crunchy. Play with this recipe to make it your own.

You can also add a simple salsa or taco sauce to the fish when done. The sauce will cover up the delicate fish flavor but may be your choice. You can serve in the husks or transfer to a plate, roll or Tortilla.

The simpler the better.

Montana Grant

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