By Montana Grant

Posted: May 19, 2019

Thank You for your Service! This is the line we give to police, firemen, military, teachers, and other wonderful public servants. They sacrifice, save lives, and protect our freedoms and democracy.

There were times when “Thanks” were not given. Soldiers returning home from the Vietnam War were insulted and disrespected. Police have been ridiculed after a flawed shooting or abuse. Firemen were once considered drunks and lazy. Teachers are wonderful until they are not.

One group of American Citizens has been consistent, generous, and important for our outdoor spaces. Sportsmen have a heritage of conservation, wildlife management, watershed and fishery protections, and guaranteeing we all have outdoor places to enjoy.

Without Hunters and Fishermen, we would not have public lands and watersheds. These guardians of the outdoors pay a tax on all gear, equipment, and things needed for their sport. The taxes are then returned to states based on the total amount of sporting licenses sold. The more sportsmen, the more revenue.

Open Space Funds are supposed to be used for outdoors management, purchase, protections, and maintenance. Sadly, many states just throw this revenue into their public general funds and violate their true intention.

Ironically much of these funds go to support trails, access, parks, and areas where hunting and fishing is not allowed. Despite this misuse of funds, the public still has an abundance of outdoor places to enjoy. Without Sportsmen fees, taxes, and support, there would be little.

Buying your states sportsmen’s licenses is a great way to support our outdoor spaces even if you don’t hunt or fish. These funds go directly into the programs that protect and maintain our parks, waters, and public lands.

Thank a Sportsman!

Montana Grant

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