By Montana Grant

Posted: August 17, 2019

Nature shakes things up every once in a while. Living near Manhattan, MT. has meant several recent earthquakes, and aftershocks, of over 4 on the Richter scale. The other day, we could hear and feel the quake coming. It lasted for several long seconds. This quake was just one of many so far this year. Hopefully, they will not get worse.

60 years ago, on this day, Nature shook SW Montana along the Madison River. Just before midnight, “it sounded like a train coming!” This 20 second quake registered 7.3 on the Richter scale and remains the largest earthquake in our region. The Madison River was blocked, half the mountain slid down, and 19 campers were buried as they slept. Many others managed to escape with injuries and luck.

Quake Lake now covers the original Beaver Creek campground. Dead trees provide cover for the BIG trout that are now in their new home. You can still see many other scars left from the quake. Emergency excavation was needed to open the Madison River’s flow.

Life is precious and unpredictable. Many Montanan’s live a short distance from the next potential Super volcano. Our region is seismically active and constantly flexing its Magma Muscles. My home is 90 miles from Old Faithful. If the Yellowstone Caldera becomes active, we will never know. The explosion will be immediate and catastrophic. The entire northern hemisphere will be impacted. Life as we know it will change and Global Climate Change will become a fact.

Until then, shake your Booty and enjoy life.

Montana Grant

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