By Montana Grant

Posted: September 7, 2019

Motorized E Bikes will soon be allowed in many public parks and lands. Despite being opposed by many hikers, and conservation groups, bike traffic will increase. The new Federal law will allow E Bikes to go wherever regular bikes are allowed.

The booming E Bike business is a perfect fit for aged or physically challenged bikers. The E Bikes are now classified as non-motorized bikes. These battery supported machines are pricey and can cost $2000 or more.

E Bikes still need to be peddled to recharge and perform. The rider supplies the energy, which charges the on-board batteries. These new bikes can go over 20 miles an hour. The motor is only used to boost power when going uphill or when the going gets tough.

Bikes are quiet and great ways to travel around. These bikes could reduce traffic in our crowded parks. As with any bike, users need to be respectful of other hikers, horsemen, and trail users. The public spaces belong to all of us and not just a few.

Bike use on trails does require maintenance. Tire tracks create ruts that carry water. Erosion can be a quick problem. At higher speeds, trail encounters can be dangerous. Spooked horses, pets, children, and other users may not be able to clear the trail as quickly as needed.

If Bikers scare or surprise a bear along the trail, the speed could add to the sport!

E Bike Smart and Safe or the rules could quickly change.

Montana Grant

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