By Montana Grant

Posted: November 2, 2019

Sunday means we reset our clocks. In someone’s mind we get an extra hour in our day. I just get more confused.

“Spring Forward and Fall Backwards”. That is the rule. So, Sunday we set the clocks back one hour. Thank God the phones and technology does this automatically. Remember at the turn of the century when they thought the technology would become confused and end the world?

No one wants to go to work or come home in the dark. I think that this is what the Timekeepers are trying to fix. So, who set the Forward and Backwards terms?

Fall Backwards? I usually fall forwards. If we are focusing on “F words” then “Fall Forwards” makes sense. In the Spring, I usually Spring up or back away from a rattlesnake. Doing Backflips or springing backwards makes sense to me. But the time change is to Spring Forward? They use the F Word in the Spring instead of with the F Word in the Fall?

Hunters and fishermen just want to make sure when legal hunting and fishing times begin and end.

Make sure that you inventory all your clocks. Don’t forget the vehicles too. There is nothing worse than reading a clock wrong after the change and being early or late for something. You will also discover that several battery clocks have dead batteries. Inventory and service all the time devices.

If you are still as confused as me, just ask your wife or a kid to figure it out.

Montana Grant

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