By Montana Grant

Posted: November 24, 2019

Ice fishing is just around the corner! It is time to begin getting your gear together. Yea I know that it is still hunting season, but Sportsmen can walk and chew gum!

At least put your gear in a pile. My ice fishing sled doubles as a hunting game carrier. I took off my sled box, so the sled was open to carry a critter. It sits in my garage, next to my auger, rods, tackle, fish finder, fuel, and stools.

When I am hunting, I am also thinking about upgrades and new ideas for ice fishing. Hunters are Sportsmen. We hunt all sports. Since humans are Hunters and Gatherers, we are always looking forward to the next seasons. Honestly, Spring Turkey season is not too far off.

Join some Ice fishing groups on your Facebook. They provide fresh and current information about ice conditions. Ice Shanty .com is a great resource. Share your information and gather your own.

Consider a gear upgrade. The newer battery drill powered augers are lightweight, powerful, and amazing. Electronics are always improving. Consider scents and some new baits, have you added quality fishing line to your ice reels? Consider Fluorocarbon and lines that are 2-4-pound diameter but are 6-10-pound test.

Do your homework. Gather some maps, information, and research your fishing holes. The prepared fishermen are the ones with a bucket of fish!

Tight lines!

Montana Grant

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