By Montana Grant

Posted: December 8, 2019

Magnum, my wonderful German Shorthaired Pointer is doing his best. The damn nasal tumor, that was the size of a golf ball, is now the size of a Twinkie. He snorts, sneezes, and wheezes to find new ways to breathe. There is no cure or realistic solution. Eventually, the tumor will win.

The other day, I was sitting on the deck at our campfire and saw Magnum, and his sister Shelby, on point! Several Eurasian Doves were at the bird feeder. Today, Magnum and I went to the garden to dump out the kitchen recycle container. He went on point and up went a Hungarian Partridge!

How can a dog with both sinuses nearly shut off, smell anything? Dogs are amazing.

The good news about finding out about Magnums condition in August, is that he gets plenty of love, every day. His 11th birthday is in January.

Mag is still eating well and runs great. You would not know he was sick except for the damn tumor on his nose. At times he is shaking, and we hope that it is not from pain. He does not wince or cry. The herbals and other meds are in place. Hopefully they are helping. His right eye is disappearing as the tumor continues its worst. The vets are surprised he is still around.

When Magnum finally crosses the rainbow Bridge, we will be more than sad. Our hearts will break, and tears will flow. He will be missed but always remembered. For now, Mag gets love every moment of every day.

We all have dogs like Magnum. They are our children. Dogs bring joy and love to our homes and family. If humans loved as much as dogs, we would have short lives too. All dogs want from us is love, a treat, and an occasional hunting trip.

Good Boy Magnum!

Montana Grant

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