By Montana Grant

Posted: January 19, 2020

Boiling fish does not sound like a tasty or sexy way to cook your fish but… We have all poached fish to prepare fish cakes or fish soups. Boiling fish is similar but done for a different presentation. Some cooks boil their fish using oil, this recipe is with only water.

After dressing your fish, usually pan fish and trout, plunge the fish into boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Remove them from the water. Now remove the head, bones, skin, and fins. Be careful to keep the meat intake as one piece.

Now put the fish pieces into a pan with butter, salt and pepper to taste. Now place the fish under the broiler until they turn brown. Prepare a simple Tartar Sauce and serve.

You can also do a quick fry, add a topping, or bake the fish for a short time as desired.

The simplicity of this recipe keeps the flavors fresh, tender, and sweeter than other recipes.

When camping, you can finish/broil the fish using a foil reflector baker. Place foil onto a tray, board, or frame, then angle it next to the fires coals to reflect maximum heat.

Enjoy this quick and easy fish dinner!

Montana Grant

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