Gallatin River Fishing Report by Gallatin River Guides 6.16.20
By angelamontana

Posted: June 17, 2020
Gallatin is on its way back up! 
Overnight rain has caused the Gallatin to jump this morning.
Deer Creek: 1570 CFS
Gateway: 2690 CFS
After a hard drop from this recent cooldown, the Gallatin is climbing once again. The river is still at fishable levels and producing fish. Reports have varied day to day and until the river stabilizes that can be expected. Fish are holding in slow water, small slack pockets, and bank seams so consider that when choosing your spot. Rubber legs, Prince nymphs, Worms, and Pheasant tails have been top producers as of late. As we progress through the month keep an eye out for big bugs crawling about. Not too much longer until salmon flies show up and it’s time to break out the dry fly box.
When wading during high water please use caution! 
Dry Flies:  Chubby’s # 10, Royal Wulff Cripple #16-#18, Purple Haze #14-18, Parachute Atoms #14-18, X-Caddis #16, Peacock Caddis #16, Wiese’s Clacka Caddis Peacock #14-16.
Nymphs:  Pat’s Rubber Legs Black #8-10, Pat’s Rubber Legs Coffee #8-10, Pat’s Rubber Legs Olive #8-10, Little Green Machine Gray or PT #16-20, Split case BWO, # 18-20, CDC Emerger Baetis, #18-20, Poly wing Emerging Midge Brown and Gray #18, Mini San Juan Worm #12, San Juan Worm (all colors) #10, Pheasant Tail CDC Bead #14-16, Tung Soft Hackle PT #14-16, Dirt Bird #14-16, Birds Nest Natural #14, The Fly Formerly Known as Prince #14-16, BH Prince #14-16, CDC Prince #14-16

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