BIG WEIGHTS for 2020 Hell Creek Walleye Final Tournament Results
By Moosetrack Megan

Posted: July 26, 2020

Top 9 teams catch more than 40 pounds in 2020 Hell Creek Walleye Tournament on Fort Peck Reservoir. The weights were impressive!

The team of  Trevor Kleppelid and Braden Rolandson with 66.32 pounds. Their day 1 total was 38.34 pounds, topped by day 2 of 27.98 pounds.

Second place went to Brett and Bruce Normandy with 62.18 pounds.

Third place went to Dominik Zimdars and and Allan Harrington. They caught 58.1 pounds.

Tim Davis and Bob Magnuson took fourth place with 53.14 pounds.

Fifth place went to Scott Swanson and Stuart Law with 52.22 pounds.

104 teams competed in this year’s Hell Creek Walleye Tournament.


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