By Montana Grant

Posted: August 29, 2020


The latest way to Potty Train a new pup rings a bell! Back in the day, potty training was a tough trial and error time. When I trained my first pup, we were taught to clean up an accident with a towel and take the towel outside. We would stake it to the round and every time the dog went out, they would smell the soiled rag and hopefully do their duty. Lots of trial and error, paper towels, and Spray cleaner.

The latest trendy way to Potty Train your pup is to use a bell. We are just getting a new pup so this will be my first attempt at bell training. The YouTube videos and Google search looks promising. I have heard that some pups can pick this up in just several repetitions. Other pups are, well…

So here is my bell ringing plan. I have some sleigh bells and bear bells that I will hang next to the door. Not on the door, but next to it. They make all kinds of bells, but you don’t want bells that will scare the dog. Even a Teller push button bell will work.

Step One     Train the pup to ring the bell, by the door you plan to use for potty training. This is done by using a small treat held near the bell. When the pup hits the bell with their foot or nose, they get a treat or some love.

               Every time the dog goes out for a potty run, ring the bell. Hesitate by the bell to give the pup a chance to remember and ring the bell. Hang the bell next to the door, not on it. If the bell rings every time the door opens, the pup and parents will get confused.

Step Two    Practice this trick as soon as the pup arrives. You can reteach every 15 minutes. Long enough to keep it fresh. This needs to be fun and enjoyable. The great thing is that you have an opportunity to teach many other commands at the same time. Praise goes along way.

If you are just going outside with the pup, don’t ring the bell. You want to avoid getting the pup to relate this to play time. Keep any kids off the bell as well. They also sell Doorbell sounding pup bells, but the dog will get confused and have an accident every time the doorbell rings.

Step Three   After some repetition, the pup will begin to relate the bell to the potty opportunity.

Use a leash with a puppy, even if you have a fenced yard. Leash training is also a good idea and controlling the pup to the proper spot is important. Repeat Potty Training 101 every 30 minutes. Program your cellphone timer to remind you. Reset after each session. Once they begin to get it, program for every hour. Pups can hold it along longer when they are asleep. You still need to take them out during the night. Pee Pads in their kennel beds, and by the door are a good idea. Easy cleanup is important.

A leash allows you to command and control your pup. Teach “Whoa, No, Sit, Come, Sit, and Wait, while potty training. Have a hook or two by the door where you have several accessories. Hang the leas a coat if needed, flashlight, poop bags, and treats. Maybe a towel or paw cleaner nearby would also help.

When you get the dog to the Potty Place, practice the commands. I use “Make a Dew/Poo”. This sounds better than other colorful commands. Reward the pup after a proper Poo or Dew!

You can love up the pup for god behavior but small treats work quickly. They understand food rewards fast. Keep your verbal commands consistent and simple.

The potty place should be away from where kids play and high traffic places. If you are on a boat, use Pee Pads in a specific spot in the boat for the dog’s use. Clean as needed. Have a clean up station at the Potty Place. Maybe a waste bucket or hole. Use a plastic bag to pick up and dispose of at the movement moment. This will save the lawn and bare feet.

During this routine, be consistent with commands and directions. This is when you teach “sit, stay, wait, whoa, no, good pup, etc. Take the time now to bond with your pup and you will be glad you did. Early teaching means time saved later.

This takes time! You can invest time and energy early and save cleanup time later, or you can have a soiled home. If you are not committed, you will probably be committed. Potty Time is where the master -dog relationship begins. Do it right, or the “do do” will do it to you! I will let you know how this goes. I pick up my new pup on Saturday.

I wonder if this work with my Grandson?

Montana Grant

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