13 year old Montana Archery Hunter Gets First Bull
By angelamontana

Posted: October 16, 2020

Shane Sereday from White Sulpher Springs describes the archery hunting experience he recently had with his son Rylen who is 13 years old:

“We were hiking into one of our favorite spots, and about two miles in, we spotted this bull feeding. I set up with Rylen as my cousin went back and cow called.  Rylen drew as the bull went behind a tree, and I stopped the bull at 15yds. Rylen whispered to me ‘Can I shoot?’ I replied, ‘Yes’. Rylen made a great shot, and the bull went about 60 yards.

It was one of those magical hunting experiences that a parent dreams of having with one of his kids.”\

Now, THAT Is what we’re talking about right there!  What a proud dad, and congratulations to Rylen on a beautiful bull!