Wolf Harvest Update Info
By angelamontana

Posted: October 22, 2020

As FWP keeps changing the wolf harvest update area of their website, it has become quite a process to get a total.  That being said, if you are wondering where wolves are being harvested, please click here, as it is not very easy to find where to look if you don’t have a direct link.  FWP has changed the map to not show the WMU borders, so you will need to click on a new area until you get to a different WMU.  You also now need to scroll to the right to see what the actual harvest number is for that WMU.

When Montana’s wolf trapping season opens on December 15th, these numbers should increase more quickly, and we will start posting weekly totals every Monday starting the 21st of December through the end of wolf hunting season on March 15th.  Note that Montana’s wolf trapping season ends on February 28th.

Currently, the only WMU that is closed and has reached its quota is 313.

Good luck wolf hunters, and get those traps ready, wolf trappers!

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