Big Game Season over for this Montana Hunter!
By angelamontana

Posted: November 5, 2020

Remember the bull elk that Emily Sieben, of Superior, tagged earlier this season?  Along with her bear?  (CLICK HERE)   Well, she did it again!  This nice muley buck is the tag that ended her 2020 big game hunting season!  Here’s what she added on social media:

Well I guess my season is over for big game this year. I really wanted to take a muley and couldn’t pass on this guy this morning at 200 yards, double-lunged and hearted with one shot! Blessed to live here in Montana and get to share all of this with my kiddos (even though school is putting a damper on Ben and Brins season 🤣)! Freezer is getting full with only a turkey tag left guess I better get to work for thanksgiving 🦃

Gotta love seeing these women out there tagging animals AND bringing the youngins out.

Way to go, Emily!  That’s a nice buck and an awesome shot!


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