Quade and Buck’s first Honkers
By angelamontana

Posted: November 13, 2020

Nick Schnabel recently sent us this about taking his boys on a waterfowl expedition:

Last weekend, I took my boys on a waterfowl expedition. Both tackled ducks before and work together like a hand in a glove, but the corn buzzards have proven to be as elusive as unicorns for us hunting along the river. Quade has been after a goose for a couple of years now and he finally got his chance to prove himself with his Tristar Raptor Youth Model 20 gauge. Jump shooting was our tactic for the day.

They were loafing along the shore and Quade crawled to the bank and as they became airborne, his first shot rang out. He forgets that he has three shots this year, last year’s model was a single shot. I was able to knock one down, and when he remembered he had two more shots, Quade calmly hit his first honker, right where I told him. “Aim for their lips”, must have been ringing in his ears.

Buck crashed into the flow right on cue. Buck hesitated upon getting cuffed alongside the ear, but quickly remembered his skill and proudly brought Quade’s prize to my hand. Just as quickly he went back for mine. Great success was enjoyed by all parties, except the flying unicorns.

Way to go, guys!