By Montana Grant

Posted: December 10, 2020

So, the other day, was sitting on Hyalite Lake enjoying the quiet, Social Distancing, and freedom about fishing. Then came a hum. It sounded like a giant mosquito but with the temps in the freezing digits, most Squitos are hibernating.

When I looked up, I noticed a white Drone directly over my position. Maybe 200 yards high, just out of gun range. The closest other fisherman to me was over a half mile away. The Drone hovered, and hovered, and… This is not what I need on Forest Service Land, or when I am fishing. It is also against the law to use Drones on Federal lands and Parks.

We already end up on film during our lives. In a day of shopping or… you end up on countless video. So much for privacy. I am filmed at the gas station, at the Costco, at the intersections… Give me a break please. Big Brother is watching.

So where did the Drone come from. I had no idea. The ice next to me held several fish. Was I being checked by a Warden? Was another fisherman looking for my secret hotspot or lure? What was the point?

When I fish, it is often more therapeutic than a need to catch fish. The outdoor freedom, space, quiet, and peace is wonderful. The last thing that I need is an uninvited giant mosquito bothering my tranquility and privacy

After several minutes, I stood up and gave the filming Drone some Digital Feedback! The Drone was “Number one with me” and that is what my finger communicated. Finally, the Drone got the message and  travelled across the lake to bother someone else.

There are few places left where we can be truly alone!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him hiding from Drones at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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