By Montana Grant

Posted: December 31, 2020

“Buck” is a Brittany Spaniel. This handsome fella has the classic brown spots and white hair look of most Britts. Buck is bigger than most Brittany’s that I have known. When he jumps and runs, no pup is faster, stronger, or as happy-go-lucky.

My Grandson calls him “Uncle Buck”. John Candy would be proud. They are cuddle buddies and friends. Buck also likes to hunt birds. No bird gets past Buck without being seen, barked at, or flushed.

Buck was born with 9 lives. Like most pups, Buck has a few close calls. As a youngster in Northeastern Montana, Buck nearly spent the night laying in the wheat. When it got dark, Buck was not sure what to do. His master, Dylan, grabbed a light and went on the hunt. After a few hours, he found Uncle Buck laying in the wheat, cold, scared, and alone. This was Life #1.

Buck also had a huge encounter with a mean Porcupine. His face, head, and throat were littered with quills. It took a lot of time to safely remove them all. This could have ended badly but… This was Life #2.

On another hunt, Buck was impaled by a stick along his side. Why this does not happen more often with all dogs is a miracle. There are so many sharp sticks, pointed beaver chewed stumps, and dangers afield. How can any dog avoid them when running at full speed? The wound became infected and needed to clean out with surgery. It took some recovery time, but Buck survived. This was Life #3.

Buck’s 4th life happened after an old refrigerator was relocated. Behind the fridge was a container of Rat Poison, that Uncle Buck quickly gobbled up. A quick peroxide infusion caused him to throw up, but Buck was off to the Vet. An overnight stay and observation confirmed that Buck was going to be fine.

This past week, Uncle Buck was chasing birds with his Dad along a heavily willowed stream bottom. Dylan heard unusual noises and suddenly saw Buck, and a Cow moose amongst the thick cover. The Cow had 2 calves and was protecting her babies. Uncle Buck took a hoof to the chin! Bullwinkle encounters can end badly. This was Life #5.

Buck is fine and enjoyed a nice Christmas. His chin has a new scar, but other female dogs dig scars. We have all had pups that have had close calls. Dogs only live 9-15 years. They spend so much energy having fun and showing their loyalty and love that longer lives seem to not have enough energy left.

Uncle Buck has never slowed down. Uncle Buck is also a Lucky Buck! He still has several lives to go. We look forward to many more tailfeathers!

Sit, stay, come, WHOA!!!

Montana Grant

For more Montana Grant, find him hunting at www.montanagrantfishing.com.

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