By Montana Grant

Posted: January 10, 2021

If you can’t cast, you won’t last, as a fisherman. Whether you are casting a fly line or spinning rod, this is a skill you need to master. Distance, accuracy, and precision are required. If you cannot hit the water, you are doomed to get skunked.

Fly casting is easier than spin casting. Fishermen were casting flies a hundred years before e the first decent spin reel was invented. Fr many anglers, this skill is lacking. The more mechanical and moving parts, the more issues arise.

Casting a fly rod is simple but…  Casting a fly is opposite of casting a bait or spinner. The spin cast of a weighted bait or lure means that the bait pulls the line off the reel. A fly weighs nothing. Fly Casting means that you are casting a line rather than a fly. You can throw a spinner, attached to the line from a spinning reel further than you can throw a small hair tied fly.

When casting a fly line, you need to allow the line to completely flow backwards before you can press the fly rod forwards. Therefore, a fly rod is so much longer than a spin rod. The rod is a lever. The longer the lever, the easier the work.

The key is practice. Now is the time to learn this skill. If you decide to learn this skill when fishing, a couple things will happen. Most of your flies will end up snagged in the bushes, and you will not catch any fish.

If you struggle at casting, find, or hire a Mentor. My casting classes are $50 an hour. I also film the caster so that they can see their mistakes. Once they see what I am talking about, they get it.

Timing is important. When I was a kid, Lefty Kreh, the godfather of fly fishing, taught me how to cast. I was barely a cane pole caster before a session with Lefty. After watching my sloppy casting, he asked me a few questions.

He asked, “Do you like girls? Do you like girls with Big Boobs? Then he said, “When you cast say” I like girls with Big Boobs” and bring the rod forward. This was the precise timing for most routine casts. For women, the anatomy would need to potentially change. This phrase allows time for the rod to load, from the line’s weight, and forced the rod to work.

Great instruction will involve seeing, hearing, and feeling the cast. Practice now!

Montana Grant

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