By Montana Grant

Posted: February 7, 2021

I made a New Years Resolution to fish at least once a week this year. Despite forcing me out of the house, I am required to plan, organize, dream, and wish for fishing adventures.

To keep me in a fishing frenzy, I plan to get my Yellowstone Park license this year. It has been a while since Charlie Brooks gave me the grand fishing loop tour of the Parks waters. Bob Jacklyn would always outfit me for a new fishing quest. Bob Matthews and his wife would always share some great flies and secret spots. Bud Lilly and his daughter always had great tips and information. As a kid I was blessed with great mentors and fishing friends.

Maybe Idaho could hatch out this year. The South Fork of the Snake River is sure a Cutthroat treat. Catching fish in the Wind River of Wyoming may need to happen. Alaska fishing was awesome 2 summers ago, before the COVID-19 Cooties took over. Even when hunting, there is usually a trout stream or two nearby.

Fishing is really not about catching fish. We fish because it takes us to beautiful places, in search of a beautiful fish, while casting away our stress and hardships so we can strengthen our souls and spirits. Fishing can be done Socially Distanced. Masks are not required.

Montana still has great fishing. You can explore and discover lightly fished waters. Our more popular rivers get pounded when the weather is nice, but you can find these waters underfished during the rest of the year. Fishing at least once a week will prove me point.

You can’t hunt every week of the year, but Hunting has the same rewards for many of us. Subsistence hunting is not a requirement for our survival. We hunt for the same energy and spirit that we fish for.

Hunting and Fishing change with the seasons. To be able to take on the challenge at least once a week, you need to acquire more gear, new skills, and hearty friends. The harsh weather forces us to stay active and in shape.

Oh, and we may catch a few fish while we deal with our fish list.

Montana Grant

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