By Montana Grant

Posted: April 15, 2021

Diaphragm calls can be tricky to use and preserve. Most hunters never learn how to effectively use a Diaphragm call. The gag instinct is hard to overcome until you learn how to overcome it. Go to Rocky Jacobsen’s website at www.rockymountaingamecalls.com to learn how to use a diaphragm call properly.

The next problem is to keep the calls working. The thin plastic layers will immediately stick together after use. Once they are stuck, you will not be able to use the Triple or double layer calls. They now become one thick layer, stuck together with dried spit, that will not resonate correctly.

Try keeping the call layers separated with match sticks. I am not talking about wooden matches. Use a cardboard match pack. Pull out a match and use a sharp edge, or razor blade, to cut off the flame end. Now wedge cut the other end.

Wet the contoured match edge to fit between the Diaphragm layers. When it is time to use the call, put the whole call in your mouth to moisten. Now remove the wedges. The call layers will all be moist and functioning.

I have kept calls for a couple years using this trick. At some point, the call needs to be trashed and a new call replaces it.

Elk diaphragm calls can be used to call turkeys and visa versa. Keep your call frisky and flexy using this trick.

Mew, cluck, purr!

Montana Grant

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