Multi-species fishing week at Fort Peck with the Captain
By angelamontana

Posted: July 26, 2021

Last week, the Captain fished for salmon and walleye and even caught some bass along the way! Joe Moline  from Lewistown joined the Captain for salmon fishing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The duo caught two small salmon on Tuesday and a 10-pound salmon on Wednesday. All the salmon were caught on a set up with a blue flasher and black jack Brads Cut bait that was not loaded with anything. All the salmon were caught with junk down 90 feet over 140 feet of water trolling qat 2.1 mph.

Tom McLaughlin from Missoula and Alan Tabish from Missoula joined the Captain walleye fishing Thursday through Saturday. It was slow the first day but picked up Friday and even better on Saturday. Fish were caught mainly on slow death and crawlers in depths ranging from 16-20 feet.
Nice work, guys!