By Montana Grant

Posted: August 1, 2021

Many fishermen get skunked because they are fishing in the wrong place. I was told that if someone peed in a parking lot, Grant could catch a fish out of the puddle! This may not be true but… A big reason to catch a fish begins by fishing in the right spot!

Chest waders allow fishermen to wade a little deeper. The problem is that they end up standing where they should be fishing! We have all seen the guys that are an inch from overflowing their waders. Just one more step. If their boots were up to their ears, that’s where they would be fishing.

Reading the water in a river or stream is important to fishing success. There are some basic rules to remember when fishing. Fish face upstream. If you are downstream, they will not see you. Vibrations, bright colors, and movement scare the fish. Fish are color blind, but bright colors reflect more light. Movements and vibrations from heavy footed walking will send the fish to the other side of the bank.

Camouflage is a good choice when fishing. Colors that match your background are best. White, blue, and green are good choices. Remember that you are hiding from what a fish sees. They are looking out and up from the water.

Wearing good Polaroid glasses will help you see the fish and know where to fish. If you see fish scurrying away, you are standing where you should be fishing. Glasses also protect your eyes from debris, bugs, and sharp hooks.

Fish from the bottom up. What I mean is start at the end of the pool or school of fish and work forward. Make your first casts the best casts. If you need to cast 10 times before you hit the target, the fish are spooked or gone.

Fish are lazy. They do not spend the day struggling against fast currents or tides. They find structure, rocks, lumps, or edges where they can relax in slack water but see what the moving water is bringing them. This is the Buffet Line.

Presentation is key. If your bait, lure, or fly does not appear natural, the fish will not bite. Fine tippets and drag free drifts are essential. You could be fishing in the perfect spot and catch nothing but aggravation if your Presentation sucks.

Think like a fish!

Montana Grant

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