By Montana Grant

Posted: September 30, 2021

Bikes offer certain advantages for hunters. You can stealth fully travel quickly, quietly, and have a wheeled way to haul out your critter.

Back in my Bike Hunter days, I used my fat-tired childhood bike to travel into the forest. My childhood bike was also my aunt’s childhood bike. Fat tires, no gears, a big front basket, and fenders. I painted it camo and added some weapon racks to the front. On level to slightly level ground, the Buck Bike saved me time. In the areas that I hunted; fire roads were blocked off at each end. That meant that maybe 10 miles of hunting was between the gates. The Buck Bike allowed me to go 5 miles in and be ready for walking hunters to push the deer my way.

If all went well, the dressed deer was seated onto the Buck Bike and rolled out, along the fire road. If there was a gentle downhill glide, I could stand on the pedal and coast with the buck.

Buck Bikes have come a long way since my pedaling adventures. The Rungu Dualie Rugged 3 tired bike is the next generation of Buck Bikes. This E-Bike is almost cheating. This rolls on thick 26-inch Maxxis Minion tires. Two of these tires are mounted below the handlebars. It comes with a ton of add ons and can weigh around 100 pounds when ready to ride. The price is also hefty at $6,700-$7,800.

Using the electric motor helps the rider challenge hills. If you simply use electric power, you may get 20 miles out of the motor. This bike can climb a 40% grade. If you use the pedals and occasional electric support, the range increases to 100 miles. The battery charges in less than 3 hours.

The 3 wheeled configuration provides a stable ride and support when transporting game. The front wheels are spaced 9 inches apart. This allows for safe turning and stability.

You can use these bikes on Bike trails and ATV trails. Check local regulations in your area. These quiet bikes are not as fast as a dirt bike but faster than walking.

Ride like the wind!

Montana Grant

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