By Montana Grant

Posted: September 5, 2021

Pizza is always a popular meal. This simple dish is perfect for a hunting or fishing camp. The problem is have a baking oven large enough for a round, flat pizza.

Cowboys, campers, and cooks all have bedrolls. Why not try rolling up a Pizza?

A rolled Pizza takes up less space, can be made ahead of time, and will fit into most Dutch Ovens or Solar ovens.

First make a soft crust pizza. Fresh dough is best. Preformed, stiff crusts will not roll easily and usually break apart. Premade Pizzas that are Take and Bake work great for this baking style. Papa Murphy’s is the one near me. You can get a prebuilt Pizza, with everything you like, ready to bake. Usually, a large works best.

A simple one topping Pizza works best for beginners. Once you get the hang of this technique, go bigger.

Place the Pizza on a smooth flat surface, that has some corn meal spread out. The Corn Meal helps you control the roll. It will also add some flavor and texture. Start on one side or end and tightly roll. You do not want to roll it so hard and tight that you deform the crust. Snug and firm will do. Once the Pizza is rolled, wrap it into some plastic wrap and then some foil. These Saddle Blanket Rolled Pizzas stack like logs in the cooler until needed.

Dutch Oven cooking is a camping art. You can bake in them using charcoal, campfire coals, or on a propane grill. The trick is to have a well-seasoned oven, to reduce sticking. You can also grease the oven, use parchment paper, or lay aluminum foil inside the oven to make clean up easier.

Unwrap the Pizza and use a large, serrated knife to cut the Pizza into rolls or wheels. Usually, 2 inches thick is about right. Place the wheels into the oven and close the lid. You want a bout 375 degrees for 5-10 minutes. Check the Pizza every 5 minutes to avoid burning. I usually have a second foil set ready to go so I can lift one out and quickly drop in a second round. Altitude, fire, coals, and type of oven will all cook a bit faster or slower. Once you figure it out, write the secret formula down. Do not Burn the Pizzas!

Separate the Pizza wheels and serve. You can have a dipping bowl made from Pizza sauce or Ranch Dressing. Keep it simple and quick.

Saddlebag Pizzas can be ready to cook and serve in less than 30 minutes! That’s a good trick when you are camping.

This Pizza idea is Wheely good!

Montana Grant